Tamreen race game

Journey around Qatar and its eight famous stadiums! Reach the finish line by moving across the board and answering quiz questions the fastest to test your knowledge about Tamreen toolkits.

Tamreen Race

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How to Play

  • Each player will take turns rolling the dice. 
  • Your characters will move depending on the number shown on the dice.
  • Each tile will have a corresponding quiz or a mini game that you have to solve within 30 secs.
  • The faster the player answers the question correctly, the higher your score.
  • Some tiles act as traps which can push a player down a certain number of blocks or make them lose their turn.
  • The first player to reach the finish line will be the winner your score will enter the leaderboard.
  • A star on a tile represents a mini game.
  • A spiral on a tile represents a trap.


The player scoring is based on a point system linked to the amount of time the player takes to answer the questions or solve the minigames.

Quiz Questions 

  • Answer before 6 seconds = 10 points
  • Answer before 12 seconds = 8 points
  • Answer before 18 seconds = 6 points
  • Answer before 24 seconds = 4 points
  • Answer before 30 seconds = 2 points
  • Not answered within 30 seconds = 0 points

Mini Games

  • Solve before 6 seconds = 20 points
  • Solve before 12 seconds = 16 points
  • Solve before 18 seconds = 12 points
  • Solve before 24 seconds = 8 points
  • Solve before 30 seconds = 4 points
  • Not solved within 30 seconds = 0 points

Trap card

  • Player loses 6 points
  • OR player loses a turn