Qatar Together

Students explore the idea of community and how the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy's activities are set to make the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ a historic event.


These toolkits provide resources for a one-hour session. Each one is intended for two separate age groups, so you can build on students’ learning over two years. Each includes a curriculum-linked lesson plan, presentation, worksheets, information sheets and quizzes. You can use the theme film as an introduction to the topic.

Our Community

Discover what it means to be a community and how the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ is bringing people together. Ages: 10-12. Subject: Citizenship.

Creating A Winning Team

Demonstrate how the skills and personal qualities needed by workers and volunteers for the tournament can also help students in their future careers. Ages: 16-18. Subjects: Careers, English.


Discover Qatar’s compact hosting plans and the important role volunteers will play in helping to deliver the tournament. Ages: 13-15. Subject: Maths.