Our Stadiums

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Examine the breathtaking FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ stadiums to give students a greater understanding of polygons and other geometrical shapes used in their designs.


The resources below make up a one-hour session. You can pick and choose elements to suit your students or you can download the complete lesson.

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Lesson elements

Here are all of the activities for this toolkit. Used individually, they can enrich your existing lesson plans.

Lesson Plan: Our Stadiums

A walkthrough of the toolkit activities for students aged 12-13 and 13-14. This lesson covers the subject area of maths.

Presentation: Our Stadiums

Visual aids to assist with students' learning, on-screen discussion questions and hidden teacher notes to help with delivery.

Activity Sheet: Our Stadiums (Ages 12-13)

Student introduction to the stadium design task.

Activity Sheet: Our Stadiums (Ages 13-14)

Student introduction to the stadium design task.

Information Sheet: Our Stadiums

Student information sheet and an introduction to the stadium design task.

Quiz: Our Stadiums (Ages 12-13)

A ten-question quiz based on the lesson content.

Quiz: Our Stadiums (Ages 13-14)

A ten-question quiz based on the lesson content.

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