Qatar together

Students explore the idea of community and how the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy's activities are set to make the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ a historic event.

These toolkits provide resources for a one-hour session. Each one is intended for two separate age groups, so you can build on students’ learning over two years. Each includes a curriculum-linked lesson plan, presentation, worksheets, information sheets and quizzes. You can use the theme film as an introduction to the topic.


Our Community
Discover what it means to be a community and how the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ is bringing people together. Ages: 10-12. Subject: Citizenship.
Creating A Winning Team
Demonstrate how the skills and personal qualities needed by workers and volunteers for the tournament can also help students in their future careers. Ages: 16-18. Subjects: Careers, English.
Inspiring Volunteers
Recognise and appreciate the value of volunteering, both for the individual and for society, especially at a complex mega-event like the FIFA World Cup™.
Cool Clothing
Explore the exciting new frontier of clothing technology, focusing on the innovative techniques and technologies used to keep workers in Qatar cool while they prepare for the FIFA World Cup™. Ages: 10-13. Subjects: Science, Citizenship.
Discover Qatar’s compact hosting plans and the important role volunteers will play in helping to deliver the tournament. Ages: 13-15. Subject: Maths.
Workers’ Rights
Learn about the ways in which the SC is supporting workers’ health and welfare, including the creation of the Workers’ Cup. Ages: 11-13. Subject: Citizenship.
Cool Designs
Explore the concepts of active and passive cooling, and learn how they are being used in the stadiums for the FIFA World Cup™. Ages: 12-14. Subjects: Science, Design and Technology.
Voluntary Work for Social Change
Understand how volunteerism drives social change, both at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ and in society at large, as well as the profound impact such work has on the volunteers themselves.