The road to 2022

With visitors coming from all over the world for the FIFA World Cup 2022™, Qatar needs its young people to be good citizens and respectful of cultural differences. The Road to 2022 toolkits help students to recognise their rights and responsibilities – and how they can best welcome the world in 2022.

These toolkits provide resources for a one-hour session. Each one is intended for two separate age groups, so you can build on students’ learning over two years. Each includes a curriculum-linked lesson plan, PowerPoint presentation, worksheets, information sheets and quizzes. You can use the theme film as an introduction to the topic.


The World Comes To Qatar (Bid)
Qatar’s journey to the FIFA World Cup™ 2022 began with that bidding process in 2009. See how a bid document is put together, and learn how Qatar brought the event to the Middle East for the first time.
Design a Stadium
Using this toolkit, students will plan their own community hub by designing a stadium that will have long-lasting utility for the surrounding community. Ages: 16-18. Subjects: Citizenship, Geography, Design and Technology.
A Tournament For Everyone
Discover the concepts of rights and responsibilities, what these may include and the importance of learning to balance both while being respectful of cultural differences. Ages: 12-14. Subjects: Citizenship, English.
A Caring Community
Lead students in a discussion around the concepts of empathy and respect – and the importance of morality in delivering an amazing FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. Ages: 10-14. Subjects: Citizenship, English.
Our Stadiums
Test students' understanding of polygons and other geometrical shapes that form an integral part of the iconic stadium designs for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. Ages: 12-14. Subject: Maths.